45141 Moisture Proof Aluminum Case


Requset Your Foam
  • Steam-Tight, Stackable Reusable Packaging Made of Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum
  • Removable Lid with Gasket Seal
  • Sturdy Stacking Corners on Base and Lid
  • Seal-Welded Container, Tightness IP 67
  • Self-Locking Spring Fastener
  • Ergonomic Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Handles
  • Pressure Relief Valve with Humidity Indicator Standard
  • RF shielding Optional
  • UN Approval for the Transportation of Hazardous Goods
  • Available in Bare Aluminum or Painted Surfaces - Many Colors Available
  • Commercial
  • Electronics
  • First Responders
  • Military
  • Tools

Available Colors:

  • ZARGES_K475-45141_LATCH
  • ZARGES_K475-45141_MIL_SPEC_PRV

Product Information

ZARGES has nearly a century of experience protecting valuables the world over with its exceptional aluminum cases and rackmount systems. Saving weight and space is critical in logistics and nothing performs better than aluminum and nobody does aluminum better than ZARGES. Aluminum is not affected by the elements like plastics and other composite materials. Wherever the mission, whatever the challenge…you can count on the durability of ZARGES’ quality aluminum cases to exceed the need.