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Ameripack Custom ATA Case


Requset Your Foam
  • Nearly Limitless Design Possibilities
  • Color Options Vary According to Fabrication Method Selected

Product Information

Are you tired of not finding the right size cases for your application?  Well look no further – Ameripack can customize a fabricated case to meet any of your needs.  These cases, often called Road Cases or ATA cases, are made to keep your gear safe in even the worst environments.  Our fabricated cases can be made from several different thicknesses of plywood to meet your strength requirements and can have many different colors laminated to the exterior to give you the right look for your products.

Worried about the weather damaging the wood?  No problem – Ameripack has this covered by having the ability to make many of our fabricated case styles out of plastic materials for a more durable life span or to reduce the weight.

Our expert engineering staff can design the interiors to protect even the most delicate of parts.  When you cannot find the molded case size you need, our fabricated cases will keep your project moving forward.