Explorer 5218 Waterproof Case


Requset Your Foam
  • Neoprene Gasket
  • Jam-Free Manual Pressure Relief Valve
  • Resistant to chemicals, water, humidity, dust
  • Resistant to harsh temperatures
  • Double-Throw Latch
  • Retractable Pull Handle
  • Self Oiling, Free Running Wheels
  • Commercial
  • Electronics
  • Environmental
  • First Responders
  • Military
  • Sporting Goods
  • Tools

Available Colors:

  • 5218-B-CLOSED_X6OLrXZ edit
  • 5218-BE_YOnoXtD edit
  • 5218-B_BitH14j edit
  • 5218-HANDLE_6xNT3aJ_SbpcGuV edit
  • 5218-BACK_al8mkRC_kJEfVtG edit
  • 5218-D-CLOSED_tHPBv5N_NvQryu9 edit
  • 5218-DE_yaAtY4W edit
  • 5218-D_lcmtt6j edit
  • 5218-G-CLOSED_KqgCa5H edit
  • 5218-GE_7W4NXDs edit
  • 5218-G_3Zu9x2e edit

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Product Information

Explorer Cases are the most exciting development in the unbreakable, waterproof case market for some years, they are the first of their kind to be manufactured in Europe and therefore offer an extremely cost effective alternative to all the competition in this marketplace while presenting an exceptionally well designed case in a vast range. The cases meet the highest levels of case manufacture and comply with military and commercial standards of testing and will protect the most delicate or expensive equipment in the most severe and hazardous environments.