Today, Ameripack announced their newest case size, the AP2624-0803WH Rotomold case.

This case is rotationally molded to provide a lightweight, rugged housing for your delicate instrumentation.  Available with or without edge casters and a retractable handle molded into the case, your usable internal size is 26.00” X 24.00” X 11.00”.  Available in your preference of colors, hardware, and custom integration by Ameripack this case is sure to please.

AMERIPACK manufactures a full line of stock and custom cases for every need. For the past twenty four years, AMERIPACK has been providing the highest quality cases to America’s military, manufacturing sectors and first responders. Headquartered in Robbinsville, New Jersey, AMERIPACK is a certified small business that delivers outstanding service, quality and value.


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Richard Goldberg
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