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Explorer Shoulder Kit


Requset Your Foam
  • Creates Hands Free Carrying of Smaller Cases
  • Easily Detaches when not in use
  • Quickly Attaches to Interior Soft Cases Available
  • Compatible with Explorer Cases 1908, 1913, 2209, 2214, 4412, 4419 and 5122

Product Information

The Explorer Should Strap Kit U is a convenient addition to many of Explorer's smaller cases giving you an easy way to turn these carry cases into a case that can be hands free.  In addition to the multiple Explorer cases that this strap is designed for, it will quickly detach and attach to the soft interior carry bags that are also produced for this line of cases.  This Kit works with Explorer case models 1908, 1913, 2209, 2214, 4412, 4419 and 5122