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Excalibur Series Stackable Removable Rack Frame


Requset Your Foam
  • Adds Positive Stacking Ability to Any Excalibur Removable Rack
  • Non-Moving Hardware for Durability
  • Bottom Feature Acts as Feet for Stability on Tabletops
  • Easiest Way to Setup your Rack Mount Cases

Product Information

Another Innovative solution from Ameripack!  This stacking feature is a simple addition to any of the Ameripack Excalibur Series of Slide-Out Rack Mount Cases.  It provides a positive stacking feature for the rack frames, allowing you to remove any number of frames, stack them onto a table top (the bottom stacking feature provides stability on most surfaces) and load up your gear quickly and easily.  This feature works great not only for loading your product into the rack, but for real world use of your equipment as well.  Once loaded, the frames slide into our shock mounted Excalibur Series of cases perfectly so you can transport your equipment to remote locations safely, then slide the racks out and stack them up on a small table for use - leaving the larger transport case outside so you don't get too cramped while working.

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