These rugged aluminum cases can be supplied with accessories, painted, with custom foam inserts as well as other special fittings on request. They can be supplied in nearly any size according to your specifications. Aluminum Shipping cases are prefect for transporting sensitive instruments and high-grade goods.


This group of cases also includes a large selection of ATA cases. ATA Cases are designed to conform to the Air Transport Association’s Specification 300 requirements. The material and manufacturing methods for these aluminum shipping cases meet or exceed the ATA case specification.

More about aluminum cases
Aluminum cases are popular because they combine light weight, strength and durability. Being corrosion resistant, aluminum cases stay clean looking and attractive for many years, while incurring minimal damage due to scuffs and scrapes during usage.

Aluminum cases from Ameripack include aluminum ATA shipping cases as well as aluminum cargo cases and collapsible aluminum cases. While a regular Ameripack aluminum case is very water resistant, there are also moisture proof aluminum cases using seal welding, offering extra protection against water.



Ameripack offers a full line of aluminum cases, and you can find the lines here:

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Whether you need a Big Aluminum Case or a Little Aluminum Case, Ameripack has you covered.

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