XBox 360 in Custom Foam InteriorAmeripack offers our customers the ability to purchase our cases with a variety of foam options ranging for the standard pick ‘n pluck foam to plush divider systems to custom foam inserts. The following are some of the available foam configurations and types of foam.

  1. Pluck Foam is sheets of cubed cut foam cut to fit the Ameripack case. The customer can then remove the squares to fit their product.  Learn more about Pluck Foam below.
  2. Custom Foam is also available in any type of foam. Ameripack will work from a client’s mechanical drawings or product samples to construct a custom foam insert. Ameripack also determines the best type of foam, and the cell size that will be most effective to protect your product. A print is created and stored so that customers can easily repeat their case order. You can also choose to design your foam online into many of our stock cases.  Click here for more information.
  3. Divider systems are available in some of our cases, and can be quickly adjusted for a variety of configurations.  These types of inserts are very popular with photographers who may need to change out the equipment needed for different types of photo shoots.  While Ameripack can create a custom padded divider system for any of our cases, our full inventory of cases that have a stock padded divider system available can be found by clicking here.

Types of Foam

Polyurethane Foam
Most well known polymers used to make foams. Polyurethane foam has an elastic, open cell structure which provides a wide range of performance possibilities.

This is an open cell flexible polyurethane foam ranging in density from 1.5# to 6#. It is also available in anti-static formulations.

This is a low cost, highly resilient open cell foam that is available in densities ranging from 1# to1.8#. It is also available in anti-static formulations. Hi-ILD Ethers are also avaialble that represent a more rigid polyurethane foam used for packing small, fragile items for big drop protection.

Polyethylene Foam
This is a closed cell foam (the cell walls are not interconnected, so the foam will not absorb water or moisture). The 3 most commonly used foam polyethylene’s are: 1.5# polyethylene, 1.7# polyethylene, and 2.2# polyethylene. These are some of the lowest density polyethylene’s and our standard color for them is black, though they are available in other colors and higher densities (up to 12# ). Polyethylene is very common for case inserts because it is rugged and has a very attractive appearance. All densities are also available in anti-stat formulations. These are closed cell foams.

Crosslink Foam
Crosslink foams have a large variety of colors available, a soft touch feel, and other attributes that make it a very attractive material to use for a case insert. Cross-link foams are usually a closed cell foam. These foams are often used in hard shell carrying cases for sales kits and other items where presentation is an important consideration.  Crosslink foam is also used often for medical device packaging due to its anti-dusting properties.

You can see more examples of our custom foam interiors by clicking here.
You can begin to design your foam for many of our available cases by clicking here.

More about Pluck Foam Inserts

Pluck foam inserts, also called cubed foam interiors or pick and pluck foam sets, have layers of foam with pre-diced cubes that are easily removed by the user to create a custom insert that fits your parts tightly.  These inserts are often used by engineers to mock up what a final, custom case insert will look like as well as by consumers who are making a single case for their personal use and may contain a variety of parts not sold together elsewhere.

Here are some quick steps that will allow you to configure your cubed foam interior quickly:

  1. Lay item on foam block, outline with chalk.  Cubed Foam Chalk Outline
  2. Separate 1/2” cubes from block, following outline.   Removing Cubes from Cubed Foam
  3. The finished block of Pluck foam. Place the 1” sheet of foam (included with foam set) in the case to protect the underside of your item.     Placing Item in Plucked Foam

More about Custom Foam Inserts

For a true custom fit, foam inserts can be cut according to your equipment. For many of our OEM customers, this is an important aspect in making a professional presentation of your product. As a finishing touch, we can add your embossed logo or a decal to the foam block.Ameripack CAD Engineering

Just send us a sample of your product and we’ll configure the case size and the foam per your requirements. Better yet, provide us your CAD files and we’ll take it from there.  For more technical customers, you can use our Design Your Foam link provided on hundreds of our cases to allow you to create a custom interior using our online CAD program.

For extremely sensitive equipment like microchips and circuit boards, materials with antistatic properties and foam that protects against electrostatic discharge are available. Where purity or outgassing is an issue, crosslinked foam expanded with nitrogen is chemically resistant and perfect for medical equipment and chemical detection applications.

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