Ideal Tablet Computer Protective Carry Case

Introducing the new UK 312 Ultrabox, the first completely airtight, watertight plastic hard case designed to give your iPad or other tablet computer the protection it deserves.  This injection molded hard case is ideal way to carry around your tablet computer to the beach, on the boat, or anywhere!  This hard case will is airtight/watertight and will protect your computer from being dropped or can be left sitting out in the rain.  Thats because this case rated as IP67, allowing it to go underwater to a depth of 1M with no water being allowed inside the case.

Starting at just $59.99 each with free shipping to the continental US, you cant afford not to protect your investment with this hard case!









Ultimate Tablet Protection | Standard Features

Weighing less then 2 pounds, this tough as nails hard plastic case wont weigh you down!  This case is absolutely crush proof and water proof to give you the peace of mind you need to take your tablet anywhere.  Easy to open latches automatically release pressure inside the case to make access to your tablet a breeze.  Four standard rubber feet on the bottom of the case keeps your case in place when it is sitting on a table and will be sure to never scratch your tables finish.  A lifetime warranty gives you even more peace of mind that your investment will be protected for many years (and possibly many new tablets still to come!).

You never know when mother nature is going to ruin your day, don’t let her ruin your tablet too!  Buy your 312 Ultrabox now to protect your investment by clicking the Buy Now button located on this page.

Optional Accessories

This hard case is built to give your tablet computer or iPad the protection it needs from the weather and every day use and abuse.  The tough, ABS construction and easy open latches may not always meet your needs.  An optional cubed foam interior is available for this case to help cushion your tablet while it is being carried around. The iPad is thin enough to just sit on the foam with no modifications required.  If you want to carry your cables or other accessories with the tablet, though, the easily configurable cubed foam interior allows you to pull out cubes of foam to create whatever size cavity you need underneath your tablet.  An optional strap handle makes carrying this case easy and comfortable.




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