Military cases, trunks and foot lockers are highly functional, very durable, immensely practical… and not all that pretty. While they might seem an odd choice for families or regular consumers to use as luggage or packing, military cases should bear consideration, especially for certain kinds of cargo. For highly valuable or sensitive equipment, though, military cases and related storage and packing crates including such as foot lockers offer unparalleled protection of your items.

Many families, schools, businesses and professionals are finding military cases , foot lockers and the like to be very useful for a variety of storage needs or shipping needs. These trunk lockers, designed for military use may seem an odd choice but they are eminently practical.

Let’s run down some of the advantages of military lockers and things you really want to look for when protecting your valuables, sensitive equipment like photographic equipment or tools:

Military cases are built for durability – and not for looks. And military cases are solidity incarnate. While none of these actions are recommended, you can stand on them, drop them, punch them or kick them and you will not likely do any damage to a military case made of molded thermoplastics.

Dry casing
In an era where the weather seems like it’s often the news, you want to be prepared for anything. Hurricanes, floods and just plain wet weather have got nothing on military cases for dry storage. Check out our selection of dry cases.

There are many military carrying cases and shipping cases that are equipped with wheels. Wheeled cases are very useful for travel on foot over distances or if you are using it for air travel, of course.

Through the use of custom inserts, damage-resistant locks and latches and an outer shell of molded thermoplastics, military cases and most other cases manufactured by Ameripack offer unequaled security and safety of any kind of product you may want to ship or store.

Nameplates and other features
Some military cases feature name plates that are three or four inches long and can incorporate your name embossed in metal. This provides some safety from theft and it also looks commanding and cool.