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4U Excalibur 20


Requset Your Foam
  • Shock Mounted for 150 pounds of Equipment
  • Front 2.50" Lid
  • Rear 5.00" Lid with Molded In Edge Casters and Cable Pouch
  • Billet Aluminum Frame is Removable from Front and Rear
  • Black EM-Coated, Spring Loaded Latches Standard
  • Thicker Corners Reduce Container Damage
  • Thinner Walls Reduce Overall Weight
  • Available with Slide Out or Fixed Internal Rack
  • 4U-20 Partial Explode
  • 4U-20 Closed
  • AP4U-1924SO_card_ holder
  • AP4U-1924SO_CORNER
  • AP4U-1924SO_Adjustable_Mid_Rail_Option

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Product Information

The Excalibur Series of Shock Mount Rack Cases by Ameripack offers top of the line convenience and portability, and is offered with our industry leading lifetime warranty. With its compact 34.00 x 24.00 x 13.50 inch outside dimensions, this high quality Military-spec case is designed for toughness.

Worldwide, Ameripack is known for having the most durable, most innovative Rotationally Molded Shipping and Transit Containers. Ameripack now offers an unparalleled value on rotationally molded rack cases from any source. Our expert staff will work with you personally to define, develop and provide the perfect solution to your packing and storage requirements. All Roto-Molded Shipping and Carrying Cases are created with the meticulous specifications of the Airline Transportation Association in mind. Our containers comply with the ATA 300 Category 1 specification for 100 trip applications. These resilient cases also conform to the superior specifications of many Mil-Specifications and Federal standards, including 810F MIL-SPEC.

Ameripack is the source for innovative solutions to many problematic areas which can be found with our competitors. When you choose Ameripack you not only choose the designer of high quality premium cases, but also the manufacturer. Our cases are built to survive the harshest conditions on earth which helps make Ameripack the #1 choice for rotationally molded containers by the US Military, SWAT Teams, Police and Fire, as well as throughout the commercial industry.