Panel mounting rings are available in our UK Ultra Case and Dry Box seriesPanel Mount Cut Away (both the lid and base). The ring is solvent welded in place 0.5 inch below the rim of the case. Brass threaded inserts (8-32) are embedded in the ring for rigid attachment of an instrument panel. A foamed neoprene O-ring seals the panel to the ring. Moisture resistant waterproof panel ring permits permanent installation of instrument panels in bottom of case. Case-Ultra-Case-Panel-RingOptional individual panel mounting brackets permit attaching panels elsewhere in case. Ameripack also can provide the aluminum or black anodized panels. At Ameripack we can customize almost any case to accept a panel mount fixture. Panel mounting rings allow the simple attachment of an interface panel flush with the rim of the case. The depth of the lid allows switches, buttons, connectors and ports to stand up from the panel face.   Yellow Panel Mount CasePanel Mount KitPanel Ring DetailOrange Panel Mount Case             Panel Mounting Description