Presenting yourself professionally at a trade show can be critical to the success of your business and an important part of that professional appearance can be through the use of tradeshow cases. Ameripack’s tradeshow cases protect your materials during transit and keep things neat around your booth as you set up and take down your booth and other presentation and trade show materials.

Configured properly, you will spend less time on the set up and tear down of your booth giving you more time to make the contacts that are important to your overall business.

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As with all Ameripack cases, our trade show cases are made from the most durable thermoplastics, using one of a variety of processes including injection molding, blow molding and roto-molding.

If you regularly present at or attend tradeshows as part of your business, Ameripack has a complete line of cases to handle all your requirements. Among our tradeshow cases, you can choose from the following variety of display or shipping cases:

Podium and Accessory Cases

Rail Pack Utility Cases

Rotunda Cases

Tank Tubes

Expo Display Shipping Cases

Trade show Panel and Graphics Cases

Soft Sided Display Panel Cases

LCD/Plasma Screen Cases

Travel to Trade Shows with Peace of Mind:

Tradeshow cases are one of many kinds of cases available from Ameripack’s complete line of travel cases and flight cases that meet and exceed the specifications set out by the Air Transport Association (ATA). These cases are designed to meet ATA specs and are lightweight yet durable for air transport, built to withstand all shipping and handling scenarios.

If you are displaying at a tradeshow or expo, there is no better way to keep all of your display items in tiptop shape than with any or all of the cases supplied by Ameripack. Ameripack is a highly trusted and well respected manufacturer of military cases, medical cases and ATA cases preferred by American military and government personnel.  You can trust us to create tradeshow cases that stand up over time and protect your critical promotional material for years to come.

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