NSN cases use the National Stock Number (aka The NATO Stock Number) as a recognized identifier of “standardized material items of supply” for military and Defense purposes. Ameripack carries a varied line of NSN cases, and we invite you to browse our line of military and army NSN cases.

Ensure that your NSN case is using the proper NSN numbering.

The NSN’s ordering & country of origin:
Stock-listed items or NSN numbered items use the standard configuration of digits and dashes as follows: 1234-12-123-1234.

These are alphanumeric (combining numbers and/or letters). The two digits separated from the other numbers by the first two dashes indicate the country of origin. This two digit indicator is also what separates NSN from the old FSN (Federal Stock Number). All nine NSN numbers form the case’s National Item Identification Number.

NSN cases in Ameripack’s inventory are most often applied to military shipping cases. Ameripack is a reliable source for NSN cases, trusted by all branches of the US military, including The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

Army NSN cases and military NSN cases in our inventory offer the quality you expect from Ameripack.

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